Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends for 2020

Digital disruption and transformation is inevitable in every company, irrespective of the industry type, these companies deal with ongoing changes especially the ones that happen at their core level .   In the last decade, technology and innovation was the forefront in driving some major changes in how the industries tend to operate and function. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one major differentiating factor and certainly the most talked about technology. The hype of AI is real but still in 2019, a lot of ambiguities surrounds related to its usability. News on how AI is going to transform many of the industries, and how it can cause disruption in some important sectors of education, health care, finance, manufacturing, automobile is everywhere . Google in particular is emphasizing on being an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning company by doubling down on research publications and investing in development of more AI research centers around the world.   Late

What to expect from AI Powered Health Care?

  AI is very useful in health care sector. Health care is one industry that requires a lot of help from technology. Spending on the AI powered health care market is expected to grow approximately CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) 50.2% during the time period of 2018-2025 . Benefits Of AI-Powered Health Care   Hospitals and service providers will be the major investors in Machine Learning and AI solutions. l  AI solutions are able to improve care delivery, bring down costs and improve patient experience. There are many benefits of AI-powered health care. l  AI-based tools will also help in streamlining hospitals work flow processes. NPL tool is extremely helpful as they can translate speech into text, extract concrete data elements from unstructured inputs. l  By combining medical-grade and customer-facing services with AI, these services will be more convenient to provide to the customers seeking on-demand access to care and simplify the interactions of the p

What Is AI All About And How Is AI Bringing Change?

AI is a confusing term for many of us and with the advancement in tech and new innovations driving changes in the way the world around us functions and behaves , it is correct to say that even without our realization, AI is already present and is deeply embedded in the world around us, in form of self-driving cars, super computers, smart phone apps and even the phone ’s calculator. The applications of AI is increasing and we can expect to see some interesting and intelligent machines around us very soon. Many fear and worry about increasing use of AI. Our perception on AI is mainly biased and sourced from the sci-fi movies, where evil machines try to take over humans. Discussions on robots and machines replacing humans workforce is quite common. Undoubtedly, AI is the most evolving field of technology and you will be surprised to know how deeply embedded it is already in our lives. Apollo 11 (the computer that put man on moon) operated on 64 KB memory and now 64 GB me